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WHOSE CHILDREN are they NOW? AIDS Orphans in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, the AIDS epidemic has left more than one million children without parents. Compassionate groups and individuals have taken on responsibility to raise and care for not only family members and neighbors, but also unique orphanages. This film explores the stories of these caregivers, and the young people for whom they care. Through the films, the viewer is able to "visit" with these children in their new homes for a birthday party, a meal together, a day at school, and much more.

All public, educational, and government access television stations (PEG) and community media stations have permission to broadcast this film and any of Dorothy Fadiman's other films.

Run time 21:00
Producer Dorothy Fadiman, Amy Hill
Production Company Concentric Media
Sponsor The Peninsula Community Foundation and over 50 individuals
Audio/Visual sound, color
Contact Information Concentric Media


Director: Dorothy Fadiman
Producers: Amy Hill, Dorothy Fadiman, Matthew Luotto, Shenaz Zack
Camera: Matthew Luotto, Henock Hailu, Cotton Coulson
Editors: Amy Hill, Matthew Luotto, Shenaz Zack
Still Images: Sisse Brimberg
Music: Aster Awake
Outreach: Maribea Berry, Johanna Gereke
Principal advisor: Dr. Agonafer Tekalegne


Fifth film in series: "SEEDS of HOPE: Meeting the Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia"

English language version


Reviewer: passionatefilms - - November 28, 2012
Subject: Graditude
I have tremendous gratitude for Dorothy and her work at highlighting all the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia. And gratitude for those marvelous people shelter, giving aid, and teaching all those orphans left behind after the ravages of this disease.
Reviewer: DLopez - - November 27, 2012
Subject: Focus on the Children Left Behind
Wow! More than one million children left behind without parents! That is an incredible number. The volunteers who help by teaching, setting up orphanages, and even taking orphans into their own home are proof of the amazing spirit of these folks. A celebration of the impact of the people in caring and loving this left-behind children!
Reviewer: pheret - - September 1, 2011
Subject: very revealing
what DO we do with all these orphans?
Reviewer: mrmr44 - - May 30, 2010
Subject: Love Dorothy Fadiman Films
Another great film from an amazing film-maker. I love her film topics ... always thought provoking!
Reviewer: Rosemary Vivianne - - July 31, 2008
Subject: Pro-lifers Should Not Post This Video
In response to the comments from dbfadiman, I will simply state that her comments are deliberately full of falsehoods and slander.
Reviewer: dbfadiman - - July 12, 2008
Subject: telling the truth
One of the principles of the religious life is telling the truth.
If someone celebrates the pro-life spirit, I suggest she tell the truth.
Here is the truth:
The poster of the previous post said, on the internet, that my film supported her pro-life philosphy. My film is pro-LIFE, but not anti-condom.
I asked her to remove her statement, not remove her film. As a result of her twisting the words and intention of my request, my film WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THEY NOW, a compassionate film about Ethiopian orphans, was banned from you tube.
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